Saturday, March 25, 2006

Saturday Happin's

It is Saturday. I got up early this morning to go to work, well early for me 7:15. After work I came home to lunch, already almost ready by hubby and kids, leftovers, but hey I didn't have to do it and it cleaned the leftovers out of the fridge. Speaking of my fridge, I discovered that the temp dial was truned almost off. Thankfully I caught it before anything spoiled.

After lunch was a nap time for everybody, well everybody except daddy, who didn't want to sleep so that he could sleep tonight. I overslept by an hour, so much for baking the promised bread for Alli. But I did take the oldest two to the store for a quick run. Got the fixings for apple pie. They forgave me for no fresh baked bread.

Talked to my grandfather, found out a friend of his had passed away. I must get a sympathy card off to his widow this week. While I was growing up there were 6 or so couples that we called "the supper club" that my grandparents were a part of. About 10 years or so ago the first one of those dear people passed away. Slowly, each pair has lost a spouse over the years. My grandmother's passing 2 years ago, left this couple as the last with both spouses living. Now Mr. Herbert is gone. Out the seven couples that I can recall now there are now 2 widowers and 5 widows. However, out the survivors, I don't think that I can think of a single one that is not active, and still capable of living alone. That is truly amazing considering there isn't one of them that is not over 80. Granddaddy will be 89 in August and he still drives, gardens, cans, and does carpentry. He is planning a trip to my parents house in the next month or so to help daddy put up some shelving in the garage.

After talking to my mom and sister and made sure that they kenw about the Mr. Herbert's passing, I started supper, pork Chops, scallopped potatoes, green beans, and apple pie for desert!!

Now I am sitting down doing sudukos and some jorunaling, some scheduling and then baths and bed for the kids.

Talk to you later.

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Leann said...

Is this a permanent move??? I like the pink... We need to get together. I have been away with spring break and then being sick for over a week with some stomach thing. I am better and would love to pick up a chat day this week with you. Just e-mail me...