Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Homemaking -- what me?????

The last two days have been very productive around this household. I am getting back to the old me. Well actually, getting to a new me. You see I have been a wife for 9+ years and a mom for 7+ years, but I have never consistantly been good at the homemaker thing. And I am not really talking about being the picture perfect, June Cleaver, housewife. I still have a LONG way to go to get that far. . . . . if I really want to get there. I have been consistantly been putting out fires and getting stressed over it, and not being a good example to my family, espeically my older two children. I just want to get into a good routine and keep a steady hum going at home.

But now it has been really, really good. Yesterday, I did four loads of laundry - they still have to be folded but they're done. I cooked and cleaned up after 3 meals - yes I cooked breakfast, the kids had eggs. I needed to use some up. I baked 2 loaves of bread. I also started my Beth Moore, Living Beyond Yourself study.

This morning I took the kids with me to drop Steve off for training, we came home and the kids have helped me clean up the living room and hall way. I have another load of laundry started. It bright and warmer today so the kids are now outside with some of the neighborhood kids that are off on spring break. I will use the time to get another day of homework done on LBY, as soon as I am off here.

One more note. I am doing a study on pride, an off shoot of last night's incident. There will probably be some postings on it in the future. Be looking for them.


Chaotic Mom said...

I am such a slug when it comes to being the homemaker I want to be.

I found your blog through Faith's LBY links. I'm doing the study, too! The homework for the intro session got me from the start. Notes in my journal, "Freedom from what? What am I a slave to? Fear and chaos, maybe..."

Wendy said...

Wow, that is a productive day! Good for you. That is always a good feeling.