Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Blessings

I have been home most of the day and really most of the weekend and have managed to avoid many things including this blog. I worried all Thursday night about things financial - we had tuition payments to make and I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to finish up Christmas or keep up on my other bills because of it.  However, I did pray and give it all over to God - though I still worried.

I emptied our accounts to make a partial payment - a third of what we owed, knowing that a small bonus check coming in later that day would get us through until payday.  I went to school to inservice and a staff luncheon. I talked to my principal and was granted a reprieve from a about a third of what was left, but I still had a hefty amount to pay.  I got home later that afternoon to a Christmas Card from my Grandfather, with more Christmas money and checks for the kids education!  I was able to put double the amount in the bank than I had thought I would.  And I will use half the kids money for tuition payment and put the other half in college fund. I won't have to dip into household funds to finish Christmas or pay tuition.  Yeah God!

And on another but no less significant note.  I also came home to a spotless kitchen floor and all the laundry done thanks to my wonderful Mother-in-law!  She was watching the kids for me and did house work too.  I told her I need no other Christmas present than that!  My floor was NASTY!

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