Saturday, August 22, 2009

First Week

We have finished our first week of school.  It went pretty well, I have to say.  It sure is a lot different than when we did this 4 years ago.  At that time I was only schooling one of the three and because of hubby's works schedule, he was home most of the time we were schooling.  This time around he is working days - some LONG days -- and I am schooling all three.  Needless to say Bug's isn't as nearly involved as the other two, but he is flying through that.  I may start him on first grade work by semester.  We are using Alpha Omega, Saxon, and Mystery of History.  In another couple of weeks I will add Natural Spelling in as well.    The beauty of this is that the oldest two work in their rooms when they can't sit at the kitchen table without sniping at each other constantly.

Today is wonderful weather, we have just finished with lunch.  Yes it is 3 pm, we slept late and didn't eat breakfast until almost 10:30....  Anyway, I just got a call hubby is on his way home so after he eats, we are all going to head to the park for the afternoon.