Sunday, November 12, 2006

Where have I been?

God has been growing and stretching me lately. I want to write about it, I need to write about it. I know writing will help me process it all and really help me define what it is that is going on here. However, when I sit down to write I find I am without words. Some of it is personal, but still something that needs to be worked through.

One thing I know, I must sit down with my husband and work out some new family routines now that our home lives have taken such a drastic turn in the last few weeks. Both at home and financially our lives are so different now and we haven't taken time to really re-evaluate what we are doing and going to do. It seems so much easier to allow things to go on status quo -- and the enemy would love that. He seems to attack every time that we perk up to make needed changes. Those attacks are well aimed and hit very hard, which leaves me/us gasping for the very breath we breathe. Thankfully this time the down wasn't so far and the turn around has been quicker.

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Debs said...

Praying for you that you sort things through that need to be sorted, and that satan has no foothold because of your current situation.