Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Question for you

Tell me what you think, and YES I do want your answer, no it is NOT a trick question.

What is the meaning behind Christmas and the celebration thereof?


Debs said...

The meaning is beause Jesus Christ was born. Not necessarily on that particular day in history, but on a day. God became man and lived a holy and blameless life on this earth. And then he died, on a cross, so that we could have our relationship with God restored. Christmas is about God's arrival on earth - as fully man and fully God, and looks forward to what we celebrate as Easter - when he dies for us.
Does that answer the question? I've forgotten what the exact question was ;-)

Ang said...

Hi Maria!
I lost your site. I'm glad to have found you again. :-)

I agree with Debs.
I don't think Jesus was actually born on Dec. 25th, but it is the day we use to celebrate it.
Above all, Christmas is about Him.
Secondly, it is a time for family. It's a time to show those around us how much we care for them.

If Christmas could be sumed up with one word it would be "Love."


Jamie said...

I'll post something soon and let you know. What do *you* think?

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm going to stand out like an awful sore thumb here. I don't believe that Christmas is truly about Christ. It was a holiday that was started much later than the time of the original apostles by the Catholic church in an effort to reach out to the Pagans. In scripture we are only commanded to remember Christ's death and resurrection.

If it was truly about Christ's birth then why is it materialistic? Why do we do gifts and everything else?