Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I am sick and an emotional wreck right now. Hubby's truck is stuck in the mud, and it is dark, and he HAS to have it for work, and this is ONLY his 6th week on the job, and he had to miss scheduled jobs last Friday b/c he had to finish Thursday's job, and, and and.

Yes a tow has been called but I don't know anything else.

Just pray

update -- he is out -- to the tune of $235 -- unreal........

UPDATE again

It appears that the guy that pulled it out nicked a brake line

the tow was $235 to begin with and now this -- Pray the guy is reasonable, fixes the truck - tomorrow, And doesn't charge us any more,

Pray that Steven's boss is understanding, while he DID get himself stuck in the mud, but he didn't cause the break problems -- and gives him some grace.


stephanie said...

Wow ... that's an expensive tow.


Leann said...

That IS an expensive tow!!! ((((((((((MARIA))))))))))

Leann said...

Oh, I am praying, too!!!

Debs said...


Jen said...

praying that Steven's boss is understanding