Sunday, October 22, 2006

Food Journal

You can ignore this if you so choose -- and you probably will -- I am just placing it here for accountability and ease.

Saturday 10-21-06

supper: Sonic Cheeseburger with mayo and pickles only
Onion Rings
Vanilla Coke

(so I REALLY blew it............)

Sunday 10-22-06
Breakfast: Musli Cereal (Kroger brand Mulex)
Skim Milk

Snack: Rold Gold Honey wheat pretzel twists.

Lunch: Steak Quesidillas (Tyson Steak strips, chedder cheese, 3 pepper onion blend, flour tortillas)
Iced Tea

Supper: left over meat loaf
Iced Tea

Monday 10-23-06
Breakfast: Muesli Cereal
Skim Milk

Lunch: 20oz Pepsi - minus what the 2 yr old drank ( yep that is it! I barely held that down)

Supper: big mistake eating at all
iced tea

( I believe I was suffering from food poisioning from the left over meatloaf on Sunday -- I suffered with feaver and upset stomach until about 3:45 am when I threw up -- I started feeling better immediately)

Tuesday: 10-24-06
Breakfast -- Honey Nut Crispix Cereal

Lunch: half a grilled chicken salad
iced tea
2 squares of a caramel candy bar

Supper: Grilled chicken breast strips
baked beans
iced tea

Wednesday 10 - 25-06
Breakfast: Honey Nut Crispix Cereal

Lunch: Frito Chilli Pie
Iced Tea

Supper: Loaded 3 Meat Pizza
Iced Tea

Thursday: 10-26-06
Breakfast: Honey Nut Crispix Cereal

Lunch: Cheeseburger w/ mayo, pickle, ketchup
Mozerella Sticks
Iced Tea

Supper: Totino's Pizza rolls
Iced Tea

Friday: 10-27-06

Jimmy Dean Ham and Cheese Omlet

Grilled Chicken Sandwich
Side Salad
Iced Tea

Supper: will be......


stephanie said...

Okay, so I'm pregnant, but that Sonic sounds wonderful. Craving greasy Sonic RIGHT now.

Leann said...

I HAD SONIC YESTERDAY, TOO!!!!! ROFLOL You will get back on track and do great... (((((HUG))))) Sunday sounds yummy!!!