Monday, June 09, 2008

Atlanta and Calls

I am home from an amazing trip to Atlanta. We went down to the Southern Territorial Holiness Congress entitled Go Deeper With God. It was an amazing experience. Our National Commander is an incredible speaker and he was very challenging to all of us. Friday night he spoke on Isaiah chapter 5 and 6 (Isaiah's call) challenging us to move from the despair of chapter 5 into the holiness of chapter 6. Saturday morning he spoke more on chapter six, challenging us to be available to the call of God on our lives, whatever it may be. It was that point that I decided it was time to stop waiting until the time is 'right' and start our paperwork for training. And in confirmation of that, Hubby got the exact same message! So on Sunday morning's call to officership guess who went forward AGAIN! Yes, we are going to start this process AGAIN, but this time we are both determined to go through with it all the way this time. Pray for us as we overcome the obstacles that Satan will throw up. He is already working on us.

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Crystal said...

Hey Sweets!!! I am starting destination weddings so if ya hear of anyone needing a photographer who is having one shoot them my way :) Thank you sweets!!