Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Memories

A gal on FB from my hometown was asking about Christmas memories from there. So I put my list up and thought I'd come share and ask about your Christmas memories.

~ The Goldsmith's in the 'big city' nearby did an Enchanted Forest when I was little and we'd go every year to tour and see Santa

~ putting up and decorating the tree at the Church many years. This was no small project considering our Sanctuary had 20 foot (at least) ceilings. And it had to be done before Advent started which usually meant we were doing it the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

~ Christmas parades in freezing weather, they always seemed to be on the coldest night of the year, I was almost always IN the parade, either with the scouts or later the band. It also never failed that my short legs were always on the wrong end of the row for every turn meaning I had to make the LONG steps to keep the line straight, while our 6'1" section leader was on the short end of the turn.......

~ Christmas concerts, we did portions of Handel's Missiah one year, portions of the Nutcracker one year, and songs from the guy that arranged (and I think wrote) Sleigh Ride one year, Carol of the Bells EVERY YEAR

~ and living on the street I can't forget the lights on the west end of my street every year, totally uncoordinated every body did lights and decorations but no one coordinated anything with any body else. Yet nothing was tacky or gaudy, it was always beautiful every year.


tSeaJake said...

Hi there! I just happen to come across your blog on the "5 minutes for mom" website and I just had to click on it when I read the description. I immediately saw that you were a teacher, turned SAHM (as am I) and that you are involved in the Salvation Army. My husband travels in full-time ministry and just in the last year or so has had many doors opening to come minister in many SA Rehab Centers around the country. I haven't been able to go along yet, as we have two little ones and it is hard to travel long distances, but he always speaks so highly of the wonderful people that work for the SA organization. Just wanted to say hello. If you have a spare moment, my blog is


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eka said...

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Lester said...
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Lester said...
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Lester said...

chanced upon your blog when i accidentally hit the next blog button . Been typing the wrong stuff , so yeah .

Anyway , pretty nice post you have made , there isn't such parties in the place im living in .

alot of parties are in clubbing form , discos pub , bars etc . tired of those .

Wish to have such kind of christmas party here .

hope that someone will organise such kind of party here this christmas !

Cheers , Lester your neighbour .


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