Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Saturday after...........

Thanksgiving that is. I spent the day at home. We picked up the living room and vacuumed it, cleaned up the kitchen, did a load of laundry, bagged up two big trash bags of clothes to take to the thrift store and I wrote 3 weeks of lesson plans! I am caught up until Christmas break. I have a few worksheets to print out but that is it. I can now concentrate on writing for my course work. I have a lesson plan to write for that tomorrow. I had hoped to get it written today but I was too lazy to do that. I will probably start the outline tonight.

Tomorrow starts Advent. I have a schedule of readings that we will do at home and at school. Leann has a great schedule on her blog. I am printing it up to use. I want to blog on it as well. I have done Advent Sundays for as long as I can remember. But I have never been very good at doing the daily readings. I hope to change that this year. Keep me honest will you?

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Monika said...

I hope you get to do the same Christmas gift this year, too... if so, we'll have to brainstorm together! hahaha