Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Works For Me Wednesday

Okay, I thought I didn't have something for today, but as I was commenting on another blog I realized it was 'what works for me' So here goes.

My youngest son started climbing out of the crib at about 19 months. I wasn't ready to move him to the bed yet, but for saftey's sake we did. However, there was another safety problem, how do I keep him in the room instead of wandering the house at night when the rest of us are asleep. Yes he has been known to be up for an hour or more in the middle of the night. So now I put the baby gate up in his doorway when he lays down. Many times he doesn't stay in bed, in fact the last few nights I have picked up the sleeping child from the floor and put him in bed when I went to bed, but he doesn't wander in the hallway or worse the kitchen while we sleep.


Mom2fur said...

There is nothing more important than keeping our children safe! When my daughter was little she got out of her crib and found a bottle of children's vitamins. Fortunately, there weren't enough left to hurt her. But we learned that vitamins can be toxic in high doses. We didn't do a gate but we had latch-hooks (the kind you see on screen doors) on the bedroom doors for years. Easy enough for us to get open, impossible for the kids.
I bet you sleep easier knowing the baby is safe!

Carol said...

This is a very good idea. My kids older now, but I use the old baby gate to keep the dog downstairs where I can watch his sneaky, Lego-chewing self. Baby gates are the best!

Jenn @ Frugal Upstate said...

I bought one of those doorknob covers and put it on the inside of the door when mine were little.

Yes, I know that is a fire hazard, but I pretty much figured that an 18mo old wouldn't know to leave their room in a fire anyway. And in our last house there was a really steep set of stairs that ended in a slate foyer-I was worried someone would fall and crack their head in the middle of the night.

Faith said...

I'm surprised he doesn't try to climb over it too. What a great idea! I hope to keep little man in his crib as long as possible. I'll keep this tip in my head just in case!!!

Nettie said...

That is a good idea. We keep one up during the day so she can spend some playtime without heading into the hall and falling down the stairs. I'll have to remember this when she learns how to climb out.

Sandra said...

That's a great idea. I still use a baby gate to keep the dog from going upstairs to chew up on toys or go potty on our beds, that's her new thing as of late.....grrr LOL

I've never washed so many bed linens and comforters as I did until putting up that gate.