Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Memories

A gal on FB from my hometown was asking about Christmas memories from there. So I put my list up and thought I'd come share and ask about your Christmas memories.

~ The Goldsmith's in the 'big city' nearby did an Enchanted Forest when I was little and we'd go every year to tour and see Santa

~ putting up and decorating the tree at the Church many years. This was no small project considering our Sanctuary had 20 foot (at least) ceilings. And it had to be done before Advent started which usually meant we were doing it the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

~ Christmas parades in freezing weather, they always seemed to be on the coldest night of the year, I was almost always IN the parade, either with the scouts or later the band. It also never failed that my short legs were always on the wrong end of the row for every turn meaning I had to make the LONG steps to keep the line straight, while our 6'1" section leader was on the short end of the turn.......

~ Christmas concerts, we did portions of Handel's Missiah one year, portions of the Nutcracker one year, and songs from the guy that arranged (and I think wrote) Sleigh Ride one year, Carol of the Bells EVERY YEAR

~ and living on the street I can't forget the lights on the west end of my street every year, totally uncoordinated every body did lights and decorations but no one coordinated anything with any body else. Yet nothing was tacky or gaudy, it was always beautiful every year.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Christmas Goodies

I am working on some crochet creations for sale for the holidays. Some are for sale in my Etsy Shop. However, when I add Avon products to these creations I can't sell them at Etsy. So I am bringing them here before I take them to Ebay.

My first selection I call "Pretty in Pink"

Christmas Bags1

In the bag you have these products:

Christmas Bags2

contents left to right.
Bath Time Body Paints ~ Bubble Gum scent
Disney Princess Snow White Pink Lip Balm
Mnii Bubble Bath ~ Soft Pink

The bag is made with 100% acrylic yarn and measures approximately five inches across and five inches deep. I closes with a pink drawstring.

Christmas Bags3

Pretty In Pink sells for $ $9.00

The Second Selection is "Little Drummer Boy"

christmas bag21

The contents include:

christmas bag22

from left to right

Bath Time Body Paints ~ Coconut Custard Scent
Lip Balm ~ Candy Cane flavor
Shower Gel ~ Black Cherry and Nutmeg Scent
Moisture Therapy Intensive Hand Cream ~

The bag is made with 100% acrylic yarn and measures approximately five inches across and five inches deep. I closes with a pink drawstring.

christmas bag23

Little Drummer Boy sells for $11.00

If you want either comment and let me know! We will work out shipping and payment.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Long time no talk..........

Yeah I know, I know. Things have been busy here. Kiddos are doing pretty well with school and we are beginning to establish some routines. Some good and some not so good. But we are working on it. I am praying that we can get something established. Mostly our days have been taken up with getting used to two big changes in our lives.

First of all we are actively working on going to seminary in the near future. This will be a big change for us and will include at least one move in the next two years. Probably more. We are working on cleaning and fixing up the house. We hope to be able to move it for a family member to use (a single wide mobile home), but maybe having to sell it. Right now we just don't know. There are several more issues that must be taken care of as well.

Secondly meet Baby Noah
10-26-2009 close up profile 10-26-2009  laughing profile

I am 20 weeks and everything is looking good. He is going to be a charmer. We are still working on a middle name, I have one that I like but Hubby isn't so keen on the idea.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Tommy has finally learned to ride his bicycle!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

First Week

We have finished our first week of school.  It went pretty well, I have to say.  It sure is a lot different than when we did this 4 years ago.  At that time I was only schooling one of the three and because of hubby's works schedule, he was home most of the time we were schooling.  This time around he is working days - some LONG days -- and I am schooling all three.  Needless to say Bug's isn't as nearly involved as the other two, but he is flying through that.  I may start him on first grade work by semester.  We are using Alpha Omega, Saxon, and Mystery of History.  In another couple of weeks I will add Natural Spelling in as well.    The beauty of this is that the oldest two work in their rooms when they can't sit at the kitchen table without sniping at each other constantly.

Today is wonderful weather, we have just finished with lunch.  Yes it is 3 pm, we slept late and didn't eat breakfast until almost 10:30....  Anyway, I just got a call hubby is on his way home so after he eats, we are all going to head to the park for the afternoon.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Buddy came home from the cabin in the mountains with some bug bites, which he scratched and scratched until they became infected.  A newly discovered allergy to band-aid adhesive didn't help matters either.  Anyway because we couldn't get it under control, and his arm (lymph nodes) started hurting and he just wasn't acting like Buddy (run down, laying around etc,  NOT my hyperactive child) we took him into the doctor this afternoon. 

Turns out it is staph -- yuck -- we have anti-biotics and are under super disinfection protocols with him.  Please pray it doesn't spread.

Thankfully though no work days missed for me nor schooling for the kiddos.  They got all but one lesson done today. 

Monday, August 17, 2009

Catch Up Post

It seems that I have been scattered in my updates and about life in general around here.  I guess the bits and pieces have been scattered so far and wide that it has been hard to figure out exactly what is going on.

As announced back in May, I resigned from teaching, to once again stay home and homeschool.  And in mid July, I discovered that we were going to be blessed with bug number four.  Which means my blog name is now incorrect. But I will work on that in the future.  My due date is the same as the birthday of my youngest child , March 13th.  But with my history, I won't make it that long anyway.  I figure that we will have a late February baby. 

That all being said, our first day of school was today.  It went well overall.  IT finally dawned on Bug this morning that we weren't "going to school" when he came out of his room with his new fluffy blanket saying "I am going to take this for nap time!"  Once he figured out he wasn't leaving the house he was a bit more contrary.  He is in a hard place, knows quite a bit of the material we are covering, so he gets bored.  But isn't quite ready emotionally for the harder stuff.  He is all boy.  We will figure it out.